Android is now about seven years old. In the course of this time, it has developed a lot. So much so that most people across the world can recognise the green android symbol any time. It is a mobile operating system owned by Google that is found on a wide range of smart phones and tablets.

The design and architecture of the Android operating system is one of the key contributors in its popularity. In addition to being based on the secure Linux architecture, it is very basic in terms of functionality. The operating system is nothing just by itself. Functionality can be added in the form of applications. These apps can vary from Gmail to Camera to YouTube to Maps to Google and more. An app can be developed for anything you like and added to an Android smart phone. These apps enable you to watch videos, navigate yourself, browse the internet, talk to others over the phone, write emails and much more right from the comfort of your phone.

One of the major advantages of Android is that it is an open ecosystem. It also comes with an official app store known as Google Play Store from where you can download apps. It is a standard that has been made accessible to just anyone who wishes to access it. As a user, you can pick which apps you would like to download. Additionally, you are allowed to download apps form other sources as well.

You can also add a personal touch to your Android smart phone with the customisable user interface. It is so simple and basic that pretty much anyone in the world can use it. There are a number of customisable widgets that can be placed anywhere on the screen and stay up to date. This way, you can tweak the User interface as per your requirements.

The wide range of Android devices available in the market has a number of advantages. The first among these is that innovations reach the market faster as there are high end expensive phones to low end basic ones. Secondly, there is a good choice of devices to choose from. Some might require a simple device with basic functionality while others might require better graphics or hardware. Android has all kinds of devices that users can pick between as per their requirements. is an app that has been growing in popularity ever since its release. It brings you a variety of popular games right on the comfort of your Android smart phone. Their selection of games includes slot machines, roulette and blackjack and is meant for you to take a break in the midst of your hectic lifestyle at any time or place you like. The app comes with top-level safety and security so that you do not have to focus on anything besides the game. There are lots of bonuses and incentives to be won and much more. It is an Android app that you must try out.