UTM that stands for Urchin Tracking Monitor is something that helps you track the website traffic patterns. This URL-encoded method of telling the Google Analytics about the path that the visitors used to get to your website is UTM tracking. The website utm-generator.com gives free UTM tracking links for users. You can make use of UTM in digital marketing and adjust your strategy accordingly.

UTM tracking links are obtained as you enter the following data in the input field found on the website. They are the website URL, the campaign’s source, medium, name, term and content. The website by itself is a repository of information with data that you need to create UTM links. It tells you about all the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when you think of creating an UTM link.

The campaign you choose for your online marketing can be of any kind say, a newsletter, display banner ads on different websites, social media shares or any other external marketing campaign. Whatever that directed people to your website, a better understanding of what worked and what didn’t will always help you boost your marketing to better standards. Tracking this back will help you prove to your boss, if you have been using the social media campaign and other promotion sources well.

The website gives you tips on how to structure your UTM links when you run an online marketing campaign, the basic knowledge about UTM codes, the available tracking parameters and how to use their UTM generator. The potential pitfalls while you create an UTM code are neatly outlined. You must be aware of the parameter values and be consistent in using it. You must decide on how you are going to deal with the case sensitivity and stick with it till the end. You must be careful in handling spaces and must not miss any required fields. It is also a must that you notify your entire marketing team and ask them to stick with the same conventions through out.

When you follow all that, you can be rest assured that you do not lose any data when you create custom reports in Google Analytics. All the clicks will be tracked and directed to your campaigns properly. The utm-generator.com will help you in tracking and monitoring the campaigns that worked well. Using this detail, you can further more stick to the technique and improve them for further growth of your online marketing strategy.

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