With affiliate marketing accounting for 20% of e-commerce sales, thereby brands and affiliate marketers strive to ameliorate their products and services to increase revenue. Data-driven marketing also applies to affiliate marketing. Tracking the progress of your marketing campaign provides valuable insights into user behaviour and marketing trends. Based on real-time reports, affiliate tracking software allows you to track your progress and earnings, revisit campaigns, and plan a new strategy for different marketing channels.

What Should You Look for in Affiliate Tracking Software?

Generally, people want to keep track of the number of clicks and page views and the commissions they have earned, all in one place. People always look for the best affiliate tracking software where affiliate network sales are tracked and managed professionally.

You can concentrate on increasing your business rather than dealing with a learning curve if you use Trackdesk eCommerce Affiliate Tracking Software. You can streamline your workflow and gain better insights by utilizing the platform’s ever-expanding features.

Trackdesk is destined to be a simple and welcome addition to your workflow. This platform currently has the following live features.

Trackdesk Can Help You Get Back On Track

  • Manage a Countless Number of Affiliates
  • Offers and Payments Based on Location
  • Real-time reporting
  • Create Adaptable Commission Groups.
  • Capable of tracking up to 10 million tracking requests per month.

Also, take advantage of our 14-day free trial to get the most out of Trackdesk. Furthermore, early adopters can expect new monthly features and tools to supplement their reporting and affiliate management.

Creating profitable alliances can help you expand your e-commerce business. Trackdesk analytics can be used to improve reporting and gain intelligent insights.

Important Features of Trackdesk

  • 10 million tracking requests per month
  • Direct Connection & Tracking S2S Events
  • Asset Management for Creatives
  • Reporting in Real Time & Targeting by Location
  • Device Selection & Campaign Access Control
  • Affiliates indefinitely & Tracking Unique Events
  • Advertiser Variables/SubID
  • Postback and Pixel & Management
  • Personalized Partner Onboarding
  • Unlimited number of team members
  • CRM Partner

Discover Key Aspects of Trackdesk

Affiliate Management – You can keep track of your partners using the trackdesk dashboard. Analyze their performance in real-time across marketing channels.

Customized Commissions – Tier-based commissions are possible.

Discount Codes – Give your partners discount codes for effective referral acquisition.

Analytical Capability – You can segment your data however you want. To simplify your workflow, customize reports that are important to you.

A Single Dashboard – Your trackdesk dashboard provides an instant snapshot of your affiliate program’s status.

Promotion and Communication – Trackdesk’s promotion and communication features enable you to communicate directly with affiliate partners.

Why is Trackdesk an exclusive choice for E-Commerce?

Intelligent Affiliate Marketing Software – All in one place, analyze, improve, and pay affiliates. Trackdesk allows you to run your affiliate program easily and with all the necessary tools.

Easy to Implement – Their platform integrates with your technology stack without requiring complex developer tools.

Excellent Customer Service – They are only a mouse click away from helping you. Your success is critical to their platform.

Other Features

E-Commerce – You can mainly develop your company’s affiliate marketing. You can track campaigns and manage partner payments from a single platform.

Brands and Advertisers – By incorporating a platform that meets your affiliate marketing needs, you can gain insights and agility.

SaaS – Their platform is suitable for any size SaaS Company. You can also keep track of your affiliate, referral, and partner programs in one place.

Final Thoughts

Everything is done pragmatically well in Trackdesk, as you discover many notable features that simply demonstrate or illustrate how much care was put into during development.