Amazon is a well known reputed retailing site whose large part deals with mobiles and tablets. Various commitment and recent updates from different companies are accounted and are press release here as events. This sort of events is in a flow throughout the year. Recently Amazon has published numerous views about Kindle tablet through events starting from its features up to its other descriptions like its launching day and stock out time.  Within few days the company is going to launch varieties of five to six tablet including 10 inch model.

As per the last month discussion Amazon is going to expand its platform on mobile in order to broaden its offering of developers, devices and also retail partners.  Amazon has introduce Kindle Fire which is a Kindle device less than one year back and this is achieve after combating innovation of 15 years into a integrated, single, point to point service for customers and within few days Kindle Fire earn great popularity and became the most successful and remarkable product in the history of Amazon. Kindle Fire earns more than 5 star 10,000 positive customer reviews and led its path towards the best selling product among the various items available on Amazon. One of the recent announcements says that Amazon will face stock out of Kindle fire and Amazon described it as one of the top ten best selling products. Since nine months of its launch, Amazon says that it had sold more than 22% of total of this tablet sell only in U.S. but this hefty margin is still little lagging behind iPad as it has sold which in U.S. to 34 million units since it was launch in 2010. Against other android based tablets Kindle Fire has compete admirably in the U.S. though accounting 54.4% market of that of April. founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that “ he personally and also on behave of whole Amazon team are very grateful to all the millions of customers for making Kindle Fire the most successful product launch on Amazon as without their support Kindle Fire would not able to achieve such a higher rank and also speaks out that Amazon will continue offer customers the best hardware, the best customer service, the best prices, the best content ecosystem and the best cross platforms and interoperability”. The company has organized an event in Santa Monica at Calif on which it is going to launch an updated Kindle Fire before which Amazon’s sell out could not able to come at better time.

As per the latest announcement of Amazon it says that on the out of stock list Kindle Fire has joined the Kindle Touch and may be this will remain continue forever which is committed just a week before the company’s mysterious product announcement. On Tuesday Amazon announced that over 180,000 Kindle exclusive has already been downloaded, purchased or borrowed from lending library and this is done more than 100 million times.

The news published says that Amazon is gearing to launch next generation Kindle e-reader along with Kindle Fire tablet devices in its upcoming press release.