Amazon recently announced three new products namely a cuckoo clock, a smart sticky note printer and a smart nutrition scale that fall under the company’s new Build It program. You can use your voice to set timers, alarms, and more – Just say Alexa, set a 20-minute timer and watch the countdown on the LED display.

The clean, modern design has an analogue face, swinging pendulum, and mechanical cuckoo that make it easy to read and fun to watch. Select your sounds – The embedded speaker lets you set custom chimes and alarms. Always right on time – The clock will stay in sync with a compatible Echo device, and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. Simple to set up and use, you can put in pairing mode with an Echo device and say Alexa, set up my Gadget.


Polar Verity Sense

Polar recently released a new optical heart monitor sensor that can be worn on your arm or your temple. It’s professionally designed for people who don’t necessarily wear a wrist-bound fitness tracker or smartwatch. It’s quality accessory for people who use Polar Flow, Polar’s free fitness and training app, or wear one of the company’s smartwatches.

Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate monitor that perfectly offers you with maximum freedom of movement and multiple options for viewing and recording your workouts. Due to its Bluetooth®, ANT+ and internal memory, you can either connect Polar Verity Sense to a sports watch or app to view your workout in real time or record your workout in the internal memory and view your data afterwards.

Connect & Follow Your Workout in Real Time

When you connect your Polar Verity Sense to your phone or watch for your workout, you’ll know exactly moment by moment where you are with your session and you can primarily adjust intensity when necessary.

Record Workouts with Internal Memory

Moreover the internal memory on Polar Verity Sense saves your workout when you want to be free as a bird and just listen to what your body is conveying you.

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