An avid yoga person should know more than 100 poses and use more than half of them. Yoga uses every muscle of our body to achieve peace of mind and allows us to exercise at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. This app called, All in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes will be shoo in for those who loves and appreciates yoga. However, if you are a beginner, this app will also help you in the path of becoming great at Yoga. It caters to both the pros and newbies.

When you open the app, the beautifully designed homepage is displayed to us with clear Retina display. It also possesses 300 yoga poses as its name promises and every one of them gives you the text, audio and pictorial guides meaning that you will not be confusing by the wordings of the app. These 300 yoga poses are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Guru Modes for easy viewing. It also has different categorizes of goals. For example, if your goal was to maintain good health, just click on the good health tab and you can see the poses which will help you achieve that aim.

If you are someone who loves to micro in whatever you do, this program also allows you to set custom yoga programs to suit your needs and duration. The app also gives you a few readymade programs designed by professional yoga teachers where you can edit and adjust the settings as to your liking.

There are even 3-D models of your muscular modes for every pose inside All-in YOGA to give you looks at which muscles are being used while performing that pose. The app even gives you a few free music tracks where you can enjoy while perform those yoga poses or just listen to them when you are free.

If you are in need of more yoga practices, the app also allow you to download and buy the in-app subscriptions packages, starting from $1.99, which gives you a detailed look at the yoga classes which ARAWELLA (maker of the app) Corporation provides. You can even buy an individual program which allows you to be one on one with a yoga teacher for those who are avid yoga followers.

However, as with every app, I must critique about this one. Firstly, although this app is beautifully designed, it is slow on my iPod Touch where it took me some time before I can move from the “Beginner” page to the “Intermediate” page. Another nuance which I find undesirable is the exorbitant fees need to be paid for subscriptions and the individual programs. An individual program is $50 which is not something that the majority can afford.


  • Beautiful app, with detailed instructions and guides
  • A calendar with motivational quotes
  • Music to freshen up the mind
  • More options to choose from with in-app purchases


  • The app operates sluggishly
  • Exorbitant cost of the in-app purchases

Worth Having App –  Download the Application