Ever wanted a different media editor or method to market your business or service? If so a normal editor for photos or the galleries options wouldn’t suffice. You might need something unique to alter the ways you can market your business/service and increase the possibilities of advertising.

WorldGraffiti iOS app is designed exclusively for those who want to create awesome memories with the photos and videos and tag them on the locations that are important for you. Belonging to the Photo and Video category in the App Store, of all the photo and video apps we have used so far, WorldGraffiti is one of its kinds. It allows users to secure the photos and videos that are uploaded from a particular location. The app can be used to promote your business to the next level by making virtual advertisements.

Users can take photos and videos of whatever they do, upload them, add comments and promote their business. It can be anything like a hotel, coffee, saloon or something else, promoting becomes a whole lot easier with WorldGraffiti. Visitors can download the media and see what the company offers. Users can also filter the downloaded photos and videos.

Moreover, the app comes with filters for each season – summer, winter, autumn and spring. This enables you to view how a particular picture looks during a particular season. It lets you to make a virtual gallery with the assistance of AR. It helps you explore the gallery in an attractive manner. Users can walk near the photos and videos, zoom in and zoom out and go through the photos.

The team of WorldGraffiti takes your privacy seriously and so they do not trade any of your data. All your information is safe with them. The app allows you to make your photos and videos visible only to those whom you wish to share the information with. This helps you avoid receiving comments from people whom you don’t want to. The main motto of the app is to create memories and not to support users hidden behind anonymity.

WorldGraffiti requires iOS 14.1 or later versions and it comes with a subscription as they store your photo and videos in the gallery. The three month subscription of the app comes with an extended 2-month validity as a grace period. In case you don’t like to continue, you can cancel the subscription anytime. The in-app purchases come with a premium set that is available for a price of 15.99 kn.

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