Did you know that many investment advisers get overwhelmed by a vast pool of compliance and regulatory requirements that they deal with on a regular basis? Apparently, many advisers lack the requisite resources and time to devote to these seemingly frustrating requirements. Consequently, they become vulnerable to regulatory sanctions, compliance violations and monetary sanctions.

For this reason, the CCO Compliance app was created to help investment advisers stay up-to-date with their compliance obligations. It combines critical regulatory information and dynamic compliance tools, giving you the capability to stay current with all your compliance and regulatory requirements.

CCO Companion—what is it?
CCO Companion is a revolutionary mobile application, which allows the investment advisers to manage their compliance regulations in a better way. The app was developed by Digital Compliance, LLC—a company founded back in 2009. The individuals behind the app are adamant perfectionists when it comes to code, content, design, and workflow.

Useful Features of CCO Companion App
CCO Companion encompasses three powerful components, including real-time News and Alerts, a compliance Reference Library, and compliance Tools that are easy to customize. The app is unique in its own capacity, considering that an experienced compliance professional analyzes the content before the document is submitted to the Reference Library. The documents are extensively analyzed and reviewed by expert professionals, and thus certifying their significance.

The app provides all the investment advisers with access to professional compliance tools. The supposed tools typically comprise the compliance checklist, monthly compliance training resources, compliance testing templates, and risk assessment alongside other model documents.

It is also easy to import and organize the company’s advisory compliance documents using the CCO Companion. The app carries tools that give you the capability to import and organize your own specific compliance documents. It gives you access to various compliance checklists, project templates and model documents in addition to compliance training material.

Reference Library
The app’s Reference Library boasts a collection of regulatory and compliance information drawn from all essential sources. All the relevant documents are comprehensively analyzed before they are added to the library, ensuring that the information gathered is relevant and genuine.

You can navigate by compliance topic, resource type or advisers act rule to access the resources encompassed in the Reference Library. The library is easy to navigate through and information presented is dynamic.

News and Alerts
CCO Companion includes the News and Alerts feature, which keeps investment advisers on the leading edge of compliance information. News and Alerts can be accessed via direct feeds from the SEC as well as other regulatory authorities.

1. Relevance
All documents are assessed to ensure that they are relevant and useful before they are added to the library. Compliance professionals review every document, and if a document is deemed relevant, it is submitted to the Compliance Library for use.

2. Customization
CCO Companion is easy to customize, allowing you to import your own specific compliance documents with ease.

3. All-inclusiveness
CCO Companion is comprehensive as it is organized based on 15 most common areas of compliance. It supplies the information drawn from every relevant compliance source, which includes No-Action Letters, SEC Releases, Speeches, Enforcement Actions and Compliance Risk Alerts.

4. Convenience
CCO Companion satisfies all your primary compliance requirements and is convenient. The app comprises tons of risk identification questions, compliance tests, and relevant compliance training material. It also highlights lists of potential compliance risks for your convenience.

It is expensive—the more functionality it has, the more the cost. This makes it expensive for individuals operating under a strict budget.

In a nutshell, CCO Companion is a revolutionary mobile application that is useful for investment advisers all over the globe. It is designed to provide them with the resources and information regarding their regulatory and compliance requirements. It is the best app that satisfies even the most challenging regulatory and compliance requirements. It is worth the download.

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