Now that we have reached the futuristic date that Marty McFly visited in the popular film “Back to the Future,” you might be disappointed that we still don’t have flying or self-driving cars. However, with these cool gadgets that are coming down the pipeline, you can feel like you are part of the future.

Ampl Smart Backpack

The days of searching for an outlet are gone when you carry around the Ampl backpack, called “the world’s smartest backpack” by its creators. It includes integrated chargers and a USB port in each of the pockets. You can also control charging functions from your smartphone without opening the backpack, and its water-resistant coating and shock absorbers help to protect your devices inside.

Smartphone Features

New features on smartphones are more futuristic than ever. For example, some manufacturers are including water resistance to help minimize damage from spills and drops into the sink. For instance, UH-OH protection is included on the new HTC One M9 smartphone, which offers free replacement of the device if you crack the screen or get it wet within the first year. And the 20MP photo and video camera and mobile pay capability would make Marty McFly envious.

SleepIQ Kid Bed

Between school, homework, extracurricular activities, and family time, your kids are probably exhausted when they hit the sack at night. The SleepIQ bed syncs with your smartphone so you can track how much sleep they are actually getting, helping to improve their sleep patterns and bedtime routine. The bed also includes a remote control night-light and a reward system to help encourage your children to stay in bed throughout the night. For a child’s peace of mind, you can also activate the “monster detector” feature.

Smart Home Concepts

When you arrive at work in the morning, you can dispel that sinking feeling that you forgot to shut the garage or turn off the stove with new smart home tech gadgets. A Nest thermostat gives you control of the temperature from anywhere, which means you can warm up or cool down the house before you arrive home. You can also connect all of your devices in the home for easier control from a single smartphone or tablet. And a security and monitoring app can let you see what’s going on at your home, even when you are away.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Ideal for students or business professionals, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen helps transform the way you keep track of information. While taking notes during a lecture, just activate the recording feature on the slim pen so you can listen to the presentation over again later. You can share notes via the micro-USB connector and store up to 800 hours of recorded audio. The OLED display also provides the option to navigate apps available for the smartpen, and its small size makes it portable.

Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock

As you relax in bed or on the couch after a busy day, you may like to catch up on your favorite shows or movies. Holding a tablet above your head isn’t very comfortable and makes it hard to relax completely, so check out the Koala Tablet wall mount dock. It works with both iOS and Android devices of all sizes and uses damage-free adhesive strips for mounting, so no hardware is required. You can mount it just about anywhere you like to use your tablet, and it is definitely budget-friendly.


If you have a beloved furry family member at home while you are at work or running errands, you may worry about him or her. Petcube offers a solution to this common problem, allowing pet owners to view their animals with the monitoring camera that streams video to your device. You can also communicate through the Petcube if a pet is misbehaving or needs to hear your comforting voice.

As technology continues to expand into everyday life, these gadgets will make it easier to stay connected while you’re pursuing your active lifestyle.