Nowadays, you can use a smartphone to just about anything.App developers have given us everything from games you can play with just one hand to tools for research and efficiency.But with all of these new apps out on the market, it’s not surprising that some pretty strange apps have made their ways onto our smartphones and mobile devices.In this post, we’ll explore some of the weirdest and most niche apps that are offered for Apple and Android devices.

1.Run Pee

Run Pee is the app that you never knew that you needed.Movie-goers will especially love this app, since it syncs up with any movie that you’re watching in a theater and tells you the best time to run to the bathroom.This way, you won’t miss any of the important parts of the film!Run Pee will also give you a synopsis of everything that you missed while you were away on your business.This app makes sure that you don’t miss any major plot points or important action throughout the film, while at the same time making sure that your bodily needs are well looked after.


This app makes it possible for anyone to grow impressive facial hair!Simply hold your smartphone up to your mouth and carry on with life as usual. As you speak (or shout or sing), the moustache moves with you, so that no one can guess that your impressive ’stache is nothing more than a quirky app.While you might not ever actually convince anyone that you have a real moustache, this app is a great way to have fun while trying out a new look!


The name of this app literally says it all.With this app, you can select friends from your contact list and send them a message containing only the word, “Yo.”This is the only thing that the app does.The app absolutely does not guarantee any response from your friends or contacts!

4.Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

This is the original app that allows you to talk to ghosts.The app also lets you listen in to what the ghosts in your vicinity are saying by providing translations of their ghost speak.The messages are usually rather difficult to interpret though, so you may need to find another app to help you out with that!


This app allows you to hide your location and secure any information that you send wirelessly with your smartphone or mobile device.This VPN re-routes any information that you send on the internet to a server in another country, so that it appears that you are in the country where the server is.This is particularly useful if you want to access websites or games that might be blocked in whatever country you’re trying to access them. ExpressVPN is just one example of the great VPN apps on the market.You can use it as a starting point for finding the best VPN for whatever you need!

6.I am Rich

This app, which used to be sold for Apple devices for around $1,000 and is now offered for free, began as a way to show people around you that you are, in fact, very wealthy.The app accomplished its aim by displaying a red ruby graphic on your screen (but only when the app was open) and relying on others around you to notice the graphic and understand that you were crazy enough to spend $1,000 on the app.How people respond to your life choices is, of course, up to them and totally outside the control of the app.

7.Game for Cats

Have you ever wanted your cat to get as much enjoyment from your smartphone as you do?If so, then Game for Cats is definitely for you!With this app, your cat can play with your smartphone or tablet, spending way too much time playing games just like a human.The game features objects that fly around the screen.Cats earn points by catching and tapping objects.It’s just like playing with a laser, except in the Game for Cats, your pet actually stands a chance of catching the little red dot!

These apps might not be the best way to spend time or money, but it’s good to know that they exist.Who knows?You might find one of these apps useful one day!