Cloud Storage

When you spend four hours writing a term paper, you don’t want a sudden hard drive crash to destroy your hard work. A cloud storage app like Dropbox can mitigate the consequences of that potential disaster and help you keep your work organized.

Dropbox offers both free and premium plans based on the amount of storage you need. Simply create folders in your Dropbox account for different classes, assignments, or projects so you can track them easily. The app will automatically update the latest version of your documents or files and sync them across all of your devices. You can access your files on your mobile gadget or your computer.


One survey revealed that nearly 50 percent of all high school juniors and seniors felt unprepared for the level of organizational skills needed in college. Moving from high school to a university constitutes a major step, and you might feel overwhelmed at first — especially when all of your professors hand out their syllabi and explain their expectations. If you struggle to stay organized, you might benefit from an app like iStudiez.

It comes in a lite and a pro version, the former of which doesn’t cost a penny. You can add up to five courses in a single semester and schedule a maximum of 15 assignments. For $2.99, you can upgrade to the pro version and ditch the limits. Either way, this app allows you to schedule you’re upcoming assignments, exams, and other responsibilities so you can manage your time wisely.


If your best friend calls while you’re in class and you’ve forgotten to silence your phone, you’ll likely get a dirty look from your professor — and maybe from your fellow students as well. The Studious app allows you to program your class schedule into your phone. The app will automatically silence all alerts and notifications for the class’s duration so you don’t have to worry about getting red-faced during a lecture on the ancient Greeks.


Every student needs to expand his or her vocabulary. The Dictionary app gives you access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, etymology, and more all in one neat package. It works perfectly on a great smartphone like T-Mobile’s Galaxy S7 Edge, especially if you’re on T-Mobile’s lightning-fast network, which comes with unlimited data. Feel free to look up words while you’re burning the midnight oil.

Carma Carpool

Whether you want to visit a friend at a nearby school or you’re heading home to see your folks, ride sharing apps can save the day — not to mention the environment. Carma Carpool, for instance, is active in multiple cities and allows you to build a carpool with other people who use the app. You only take one car, which saves gas, and you can get where you’re going if you didn’t go to college with wheels.

When you use a ride-share app, take security precautions. Consider meeting your fellow carpoolers in advance so you can feel more comfortable with them. Additionally, keep your smartphone handy so you can make an emergency call if necessary.


Most universities have apps these days, and they can prove particularly helpful for new freshman. However, they’re also practical for everyone because they provide perks like campus maps and directions. Some colleges also have specialized apps for specific areas of study.

For instance, Harvard has an Arnold Arboretum Explorer, which allows students to identify plants and better understand botany. If your school doesn’t feature a dedicated app, look for programs that compile information about many different schools, including the one you’re attending.

College is always an exciting time, but it can also become stressful. If you arm yourself with the right apps, you’ll breeze through your first semester with ease.