What is the definition of a real gamer? Is it being in possession of a specific amount of skills? Or is it maybe the passion that one expresses when playing game? Truth be told, having the skill and the passion are both characteristics of being a true gamer. However, portability has always been a big problem specially for the intense and hardcore gamers for whom hand held consoles just won’t cut it. But not anymore! The GAEMS G155 is here to give what every gamer needs: portability! The question is, does a player really need it? Will it quench his thirst for continuous gaming? Here are 5 reasons why every gamer needs a GAEMS G155!


  1. Super features

The G155 is the world’s very first Personal Gaming Environment or PGE to enter the market. Put in simple terms, it is an all in one solution to what you have always dreamed of: portable gaming! The G155 can house an Xbox 360, Xbox 360s or a PlayStation 3 slim version. Some of its features include a 720p High Definition LED display with 60hz refresh rate, HDMI port for HD gaming, full spectrum audio speakers, full audio and video controls inclusive of dual 3.5mm audio jacks, storage packs at the side to keep all cables and accessories, a grip handle for ease of mobility and finally a TSA approved latching mechanism to keep your personal gaming environment secure. All of these features are designed for a totally personal environment conducive for casual, intense and hardcore gaming. So whichever type of gamer you are, the GAEMS G155 is ready for you!

2. Insane mobility

Have you ever dreamed of taking your console to a LAN party, or perhaps to your collage dorm, but found it just a little bit too impossible to haul your television set around town? Well, I guess we all think about this more often than we want to admit. Project GAEMS however, heard our calling and gave us the G155 as an answer! The personal gaming environment is very easy to lug around just like any regular suitcase, only it packs a hell of a lot more excitement! With the G155 you can practically take your gaming console anywhere you go and play at any time you choose to. LAN parties are never going to be the same again!

3. Become the best

Until its release, the only possible way of improving gaming skills was to wait until we got home after a tiring day. Hone your skills, practice while on the go with the G155 personal gaming environment! If you’re dead set on becoming the best player you can be, then this is perfect for you!

4. Sit back and relax

For those days that you don’t feel quite up to the challenges of intense gaming and just want to have a little break, the GAEMS G155 also allows you to watch your favorite movies on its HD LED Display while you rest. Paired with full spectrum audio speakers plus total control of sound and visual functions, you are bound to have as great an experience watching a move as you would playing a game! Of course you can always use the dual audio jacks to further enhance your experience! So sit back, relax and enjoy that movie like you’ve never had!

5. Durability

The GAEMS G155 houses your gaming arsenal with a state of the art rugged case for top notch protection. The rugged case is built for extreme durability for any situation that might be encountered. Expect your gaming console and all gaming accessories to be perfectly cozy inside the G155!

The GAEMS G155 is the perfect partner of the true gamer. And if you are one, then surely you already want one!

Author Bio:

+Aubrey Samson  is a a freelance programmer, an annual mountaineer and a former mathematics tutor. During her free time, she spends time watching missed tv series on her 3D tv, listening to music and composing songs as well. Her favorite music genres are pop and ramp.