In the world of 3D printers, tablets and Smartphones, the 3Doodler tries to provide something very unique thereby allowing users to create amazing works of art. Though 3Doodler will not sound like a household name, users who are familiar with Kickstarter are definitely well aware of this amazing device. Go through following points if you want to know detail specification about this device.

In terms of performance, 3Doodler appears bit noisy and chunky. However, it may be considered as a highly cumbersome prototype device which gets your job done easily. It is 180 x 24mm in size and weighs around 300gm. The 3Doodler will be nothing but a hot glue gun which is crossed with 3D printer. The pen takes printed bits and heats them up. After that, it emits melted plastic which helps user to make drawings with the pen.

The 3Doodler device has got some amazing publicity because of its uniqueness. It is so amazing that both children and adults can play with it and observe what they can make. According to technology experts it is not a toy, though there is an age restriction of 12+ applicable on using this device. This rating directly means that there is a bit of concern in terms of safety.

A user can also take help of the pen in order to put few colorful touches with the help of coaster made using 3D printer. You will be surprised to see how plastic is appropriately attached to coaster and this is considered as one of the great applications of 3Doodler.

After using this device even for small duration, you will come to know that this device is definitely not for perfectionists. It creates wriggly design which most of the times create some inelegant shapes and bumps. However, the final object will be having some organic charm which makes 3Doodler a nice medium to bring creativity.

Sometimes, you will feel highly frustrated when the pen releases more plastic than you require. You will also get disappointed when wriggle becomes worst while drawing everything straight up in the air.  When it comes to 3D printers, you can definitely select your plastic. However, 3Doodler will work only with 3mm strands and it is not compatible with 1.75mm spools.

When using 3Doodler, you will realize that black plastic is highly tricky when you want to check the design you have already finished and where you are actually headed. Sometimes, you may feel necessity of extra focus and high light while using the color.

For preorder, it is available for $99, which provides 50 strands of plastic. If user wants to purchase any additional packs then those are available at a price of $9.99 for 25 strands. Considering the fact that there are already some competitors reaping out, the price of this amazing device may go down and you can also see modifications in it.

Bottom Line:

3Doodler is definitely a great concept. With some slight improvements, it will able to overcome all its minute flaws. It is smelly, noisy and sometimes quite difficult to control. However, it is a device which will make any user highly addicted towards it.