In recent time, the magical device called 3D printer has banged the technology market with its amazing features.  This gadget has a capability to produce objects from thin air and it can print objects in more than hundred materials such as nylon and metal. This versatile device can manufacture any creative objects such as aircraft engine parts, quasi-legal guns, prototypes and even human organs. Find out how 3D printers have transformed the world of manufacturing and industry and what is the future of these highly sought after gadgets?

In 2D technology, a sheet of paper is printed from 2D printers which follow command from computer program like Microsoft Word. The Word Document features several instructions to tell printer what it has to do. On the other hand, in 3D technology, a 3D printer gets command from Computer Aided Design (CAD) file. This file is mainly created with the help of 3D modeling program which is sent to respective 3D printer. The 3 dimensional printers are capable of producing similar version of almost any object. Because of their high potential, they have also created substantial business opportunities for technology entrepreneurs in recent time.

Commercial 3D printers:

As 3D printers are available within the few thousands of dollars, they become most preferred choice of manufacturing companies. Apart from this, these gadgets have a capability to save significant money as well as time in the prototyping process. For instance, an organization like Nike takes help of 3D printers to produce multi-colored prototypes for their products. Previously, the company used to spend substantial amount on prototype. On the virtue of 3D printers, the changes can be executed instantly on the system and prototype can be reprinted within the same day.

Personal 3D printers:

3D printers play important role in manufacturing household items and this is the reason why they can be found in every home. A user can print jewelry, essential appliances like dishwasher or even toys for his kid.  As there is diverse range of materials available such as plastic, glass, metal, silver, gold etc, a user has a scope to print almost everything with 3D printers.

A Revolutionary Device:

In coming time, 3D printers will have a capability to transform every industry aspect by creating imaginary items. Considering all above facts, one can say that 3D printers are real game changers in manufacturing industry. But they won’t be limited to only specific fields as their application can be found in diverse sectors. Medical industry will observe strong revolution as bioprinters can easily produce human tissues which are extremely helpful in pharmaceutical testing. Now, the complicated architectural drawings can be manufactured in quicker time instead of sticking to the highly time consuming and costly procedure of manufacturing models through handcrafting. The construction industry will also witness several applications from 3D printing as these revolutionary devices are capable of creating the whole building.

Final Wrap up:

3D printers can be considered as real game changers because of their varied applications in different fields from construction, energy to art and medicine. The time will definitely come when 3D printers can be seen in every organization and each household.