The act of having your entire private and secretive albums put in a safe place is very important and it is always a wish of anyone to have that. When we talk about that, you can look up for LEO Privacy Guard which is one of the most trusted as well as very convenient protectors of private albums. The properties that can be protected safely can range from personal photos to videos that you would want to be kept away from any access. When you have this app, you will be able to keep your secrets far from any prying eyes as well as those annoying snoopers. LEO Privacy Guard achieves this by enabling you to create your own Pattern, Passcode or Fingerprints which limits the access of these personal albums. The pattern, fingerprints and passcode should be known by only you so that your personal images and videos will actually be safely hidden. If you share them, you will be limiting your privacy since the one you have shared them with can share with another friend. The following are some other important features that you will find in LEO Privacy Guard that ensures that your personal videos and images are kept safely.


  1. Privacy Password.

The app makes a privacy password available for you so that you can be the controller of the access of your own documents. In this respect, LEO Privacy Guard has three unique ways on how you will make your secrets locked up in safe place. You can either choose a Pin, Touch ID or a Dot Lock that will act as your privacy password.


  1. Privacy Album.

You can create a private album that will be the storage location of all your private images and videos. Simply import you best and secretive photos as well as video clips from your normal location to your already created private album where they will be stored in a safe and private manner. Just a simple swipe of all the documents can be an easy way to transfer everything.

  1. Private Camera.

The app is one of the best in terms of restoring privacy since it has also a private camera. LEO Privacy Guard is very unique in that all the snapshot fleeting moments are kept a secret. This is because each and every photo that is taken is saved in a private album. The app is also one of the easy apps to operate since the private camera is simple to access for it is available from just the notification bar.


  1. Secured Box.

You can also separate everything by storing all your secrets in a safe box which can be another store. This is just an alternative of a private album and you can choose this to explore another privacy feature. Some of the ways of saving your personal information in a safe and secured box is in a membership card or a credit card.

  1. Monitoring of Device.

Simply monitor some features that are very crucial and important in your device such as the condition of the battery and data usage.

With the above features, LEO Privacy Guard has proven to be one of the best apps to trust in restoring your personal and private information.

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