Backgammon Games as we all know is one of the oldest board games and people seem to have been playing it for centuries. This two-player game enhances your tactical and strategic thinking. Online backgammon is a great way of pastime. Get 18 Backgammon Games and see how much fun you can have downloading this.

What is the app about?

18 Backgammon Games is a perfect dice game that operates with the help of AI. The app is a perfect combination of graphics and logic. Given by BP Board Games, the app can be played by anyone above 3 years of age. It comes with 22 different backgammon games that can be played with friends and with other people online. 

Working of the app:

Just download 18 Backgammon Games on the mobile and the game gives you all the rules to get going. You can choose any of the game types you want to play and continue. The game keeps track of everything from your moves, time taken, total time, opponent moves etc. The menu icon of the app is loaded with so many options to make the game more pleasing to play with. The advanced AI of the game makes you feel like you are playing a live dice game.

Game types and modes:

18 Backgammon Games has about 22 gaming modes like Race Gammon, Takhteh, American Acey-Deucey, Fevga, Moultezim, Gioul, Tawla 31, the pin, Plakoto express and a lot more. It allows for any kind of multiplayer gaming via LAN (WiFi), Online multiplayer Internet, Local 2-player (hot-seat) and Bluetooth. It works under 6 themes namely art, black, beach, electric, droid and treasure. 

Special features of the app:

18 Backgammon Games allows for multiplayer gaming where you can combat with users from all over the world. You can participate in tournaments and win. All your game status can be shared with others through social media. Available in 13 different languages, the app allows users to play online in real-time, chat with friends and invite them and also have an auto-match with players online randomly. It comes with an undo function, automatic moves and doubling cube options. The app allows for rush mode gaming for 4, 5, 6 or 7 seconds. The app works fine in all resolutions and when you have any issues you can write to the team on


18 Backgammon Games is completely free and it comes with in-app purchases when you want to be ad-free.  

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